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You pick the place 2013!
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We are wrapping up our patterns for our 2013 calendar and have 1 spot left and it is up to you to chose the pattern! Check out the info below and if you have any questions leave us a comment or email info@jhilldesign.com

new personalized state monogram prints

Dave is from VT and I am from NH, I always thought a nice anniversary gift would me a map of our states together. Of course... I have never gotten around to buying one. The idea came back to me when I was thinking about what to make for him for Valentine's day. That coupled with our monogram, (it must be something in the water at our studio... was totally inspired by all of Jill Rosenwald's monograming of her ceramics line), and you know I had to add a little text in the mix.
They were SO much fun to work on and a big thank you to my studio mates Erin, Jess, Jill and Sarah for their critiques as the process went along.

The above monogram features our Cincinnati print, you can see the light outlined shape of the roses in the background of the print. This one is all about home state nicknames. LMN for our favorite former intern Laurie and her husband Nick. Below that is "est 2011" - the year they were married. Then the line "a GOLDEN girl (heart) a PEACHY boy" because Laurie is from CA and Nick is from GA.

This print is all about rival sports teams and features our Hamptons 2 pattern (otherwise known as the Red Sox pattern). The tagline says "a YANKEE girl (heart) a RED SOX boy". Is it even possible that these two rivals could find love?

Here is the monogram print I did for Dave and I. It features the new Franconia, New Hampshire pattern which I am currently in love with. He grew up in Woodstock, VT and I in Keene, NH. (I wanted the color scheme of the pattern to be the green of the deep forest, purple of the lilacs and that BRIGHT orange of the hunting vests I used to see at Wal-Mart.) I think the fall-ish pattern speaks well for both our states. We were married in 2009 and our tagline is "a GRANITE STATE girl (heart) a GREEN MOUNTAIN boy."

This idea is for those couples with strong ties to their alma matter states. "A LONG HORN girl (heart) a TAR HEEL boy". The states are filled with our chapel hill pattern.

You can see the monogram state print filled w/ each of our 75+ patterns here on our site. If you'd like to have your order for valentines day place framed orders by this Friday. 


A very neon xmas


December's Digital Download is a little Christmas tree centerpiece with some preppy NEON flare. The pattern is a take on our Hamptons, New York pattern. Simple to make (I think I remember making something like this in nursery school... though it was probably covered in gold macaroni) the PDF is available here for $2. The set comes in 2 sizes and 2 colorways - neon and traditional.



thanks baltimore!

Thanks to Urbanite magazine in Baltimore for featuring our 2012 Wall Calendar in their December issue. I love when one of my patterns is embraced by the city that inspired it and I'm very glad Baltimore likes their crabby pattern. The nicest thing? The editor sent the sweetest note about their love of the pattern. Merci!


Print Reveal : Nashville, Tennessee

I have truly fallen in love with Nashville. I am always refusing to listen to my country-music-loving sister's tunes... but I now have several playlists featuring old country crooner's like Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. This is one place that I have never been to that is definitely on my short list.
The Nashville City print is available in 3 sizes for $22 - $65 and the Tennesse Map Print is available in 3 sizes for $15 - $50. You can save 15% on the TN prints through Sunday with code "ILOVETN".



I was thrilled to see that two of my favorite movies were filmed in Nashville. If you haven't seen them add them to your Netflix que, (or whatever that company is called now), and grab the popcorn.

#1. Coal Miner's Daughter : the autobiographical film of singer Loretta Lynn's life going from a dirt-poor childhood in Kentucky to singing at the Grand Old Opry and paling around with Patsy Cline. Sissy Spacek won an Academy Award for playing the role of Lynn. Here is a great montage.

and a few of the real Loretta

#2. Walk the Line : this movie is the tale of the singer Johnny Cash. He is played by Joaquin Phoneix before he got all weird. June Carter Cash is played by Reese Witherspoon, who won an academy award and a golden globe for her performance. I love the music, the story and the relationship of June and Johnny. Here are a few of my favorite songs.

and one of the actual Johnny and June at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville in 1968.

and in 1970.


eye candy : pretty letters

I love these beautiful letters for a nursery by Mike Perry. I wish he had a "c" for Mister Charley. The Mister Charley who has infected this whole household with his baby cold germs.


eye candy : a little fleetwood

I am a BIG Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks fan. This year Lizzie and I both went to Night of a Thousand Stevies in NYC, sooooo fun. This post is for Lizzie though. As she boarded the plane to start a new adventure in London this song was playing at Logan Airport, must have been fate. She needs a copy of Amy Rice's Poster.


Top 10: Nashville, Tennessee

My favorite thing about our PIHNB Top 10 is to hear from people who are near and dear to our featured place. This month we were lucky to have 2 contributors to our PIHNB Nashville Top 10, (well this is a Top 8). Without further ado....

From writer and editor Margaret Littman:
"My favorite thing about Nashville is that it is the most creative place I have ever lived (also the weirdest, but that’s a different story). It would not be unusual to see a unicyclist, a man covered in lemon meringue pie or a gaggle of hula hoopers on a Tuesday on your way to the grocery store. The influx of people who have moved here to make their dreams come true in the music industry contributes to a constant state of wonder and optimism.

When not listening to something funky somewhere, I have a few preferred tourist stops in Music City:

Water Park

1. Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park: This outdoor park has bells that play the Tennessee Waltz, a
chronological look at the Volunteer State’s history and a linear garden that represents that the foliage across the state.

Nashville Parthenon

2. Parthenon: A replica of the Greek wonder, this one include a giant gold statue of Athena by a local artist and ongoing art exhibitions, plus the delights that are Centennial Park.

3. The Station Inn: This dive in the Gulch is one of the country’s bets places to hear bluegrass, not to mention see the hilarious Doyle and Debbie parody show.

For more of my Nashville picks, check out my app here."
Follow Margaret on twitter here.

From writer and editor Lindsey Solomon, blogger at TypeL:

4. Music City
Nashville’s reputation as a musical haven comes honestly. People who live here seem to want to be a musician, know an aspiring one or have the opportunity to enjoy watching musicians any time they desire. I love living in a place where my favorite musicians come to play. Plus, famous stops like The Country Music Hallof Fame, Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium just ooze history.

photo by Peyton Hoge

5. Music Art City
Many come to Nashville for music, but I came (at least partially) for the art! The Frist Center for the Visual Arts – a non-collecting institution – has ever-changing and always exciting exhibits. Cheekwood, likewise, hosts wonderful exhibitions (including an impressive permanent collection) and includes fantastic gardens one could walk in for days. I am dying to try Nashville’s monthly Art Crawl, too. Free shuttles cart art lovers to numerous downtown galleries – what’s not to like?

6. Neighborhood Vibe
I like cities that don’t feel so much like cities. Okay, I like  cities that do feel like cities, too, but that’s another story. Nashville, to me, falls into the former category. There are so many neighborhoods that I wish to know better, each with their own personalities. For example, East Nashville appeals to my farmer’s market, vegetarian food loving side, while 12 South’s cottages and coffee make me wish I lived in this more walkable area of town.

7. Coffee
Is Nashville a city known for coffee? I’m guessing most guidebooks wouldn’t list it as such, but it is becoming one in my estimation. Nashville, in no particular order, is home to: Bongo Java, Frothy Monkey, Ugly Mugs, etc., etc., etc. While I plan to try all of these places and more, my favorite so far is Roast, Inc (don’t let the simple website fool you). They are “Nashville’s Only Single Cup Brewer,” which means they’ll prepare their latest delicious fair trade find in the brewing method of your choosing. I love watching them work with a crazy Yama Siphon Brewer (like a Bunsen burner chemistry experiment gone right) almost as much as I love drinking French press coffee without the at-home mess.

8. We Are Nashville
I didn’t live in Nashville when the 2010 flood came, but, from a distance, I saw the volunteer nature of my state come alive once again. Most of my friends were (so thankfully) unaffected by the waters, but I heard stories of them helping their friends and neighbors and acquaintances and strangers rebuild their lives. The “We Are Nashville” blog post and subsequent campaigns made me want to be a part of this city and its people more than ever.

Follow Lindsey on twitter here.

Thanks so much to Lindsey and Margaret!

PIHNB Mixtape: Nashville

Doing a mixtape for Nashville is kind of crazy. A massive mix-playlist would be a better idea. But here are few tunes that I've been listenting to while I work on the Nashville print. My favs have been Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline with a little Loretta Lynne thrown in for good measure.

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eye candy: i'm a hustler

Seriously. I am doing this, like every day.

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